Shiekina Añasco
Shiekina Añasco

You deserve MORE.

Want to establish yourself as an authority? Want to be seen as an expert in your niche? Or you just want to get it right the first time?

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Your personal brand can make or break your career. Start by checking whether what you post online matches the way you want to be perceived by your readers through this DIY Personal Brand Audit Workbook I prepared for you!

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Whether you are struggling to write your next content, or your copies just don’t seem to work out well for you, you are sure to find something you’ll love in this 30-Day Find Your Best Self Content Challenge! You know you want it!


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How to Reach Your First $5K Month in Business
Shiekina Añasco

Hey there! I’m Shiekina. I’m a personal branding strategist, and I help change-makers repurpose, refocus, and revolutionize their personal brands through effective content marketing strategies so they can become thought leaders in their niche.

I’m crazy about books and coffee, and I’m a lover of written words, classic songs, oxford commas, and starry nights.