Shiekina Añasco

Hey there! I'm Shiekina.


I’m crazy about books and coffee, and I’m a lover of written words, classic songs, oxford commas, and starry nights.

Success for me is the combination of passion, determination, some *epic* preparation, self-transformation, and a whole lot of action.

I believe in the magic of new beginnings, and I’m a master of finding the gold in people. I value kindness, generosity, authenticity, simplicity, and empowerment the most – and if you do as well, we’ll get along fo’ sure!

PREPARE for a phenomenal voyage of self-discovery! Together, let us become – #TheUnrivaled.

Let's get down to business


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Shiekina Añasco

Who I am now is the woman I needed back when I was starting out.

True, I loved doing all the work – business plans, blueprints, frameworks, roadmaps. But it took me 6 LONG YEARS to gain clarity about what I really wanted to do and become, and how I’m going to turn my passion into profits. It would’ve been nice to take the shortcut with the help of an expert.

That’s when I realized that everything that I’ve experienced, good or bad, happened for a reason and for a greater purpose.

What I thought was once a rollercoaster ride of emotions has introduced me to so many opportunities.

It introduced me to my true calling.

Marketing, teaching, and storytelling (whether in the form of writing or public speaking) are my biggest strengths. And I believe that through these, I can actually make the world a better place in my own little ways, one action at a time.

And by connecting these four pillars, Shiekina was built.